Tutor Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct outlines the standard of behaviour required of tutors/contractors engaged by PlantYourAPPLETREE.com (The Company).

General conduct
1. Tutors must always behave in a manner that is appropriate to the parents/caregivers and students with whom they are working.

2. Tutors must:
1)remember that they are a role model for students;
2)attempt to engage students in the tutorial session;
3)offer educational support and encouragement;
4)use language and topics of conversation appropriate to the situation;
5)treat all parents/caregivers, students and teachers with courtesy and respect;
6)respect and cater for the diverse and special needs of the students; and
7)ensure that parent/caregiver, student and tutor relationships are maintained on a professional basis.

3. Tutors must not:
1)use physical contact with a student unless it is strictly necessary – for example, where the student is injured;
2)be alone with a student in a room with the door closed or with a student in any location
3)that is not in visual contact by other adults unless there is a legitimate reason for doing so for the student’s own safety and welfare;
4)engage in a social relationship the with student outside the tutorial setting;
5)make sexually suggestive or racist comments to, or in the presence of, the student;
6)use obscene language in communication with, or in the presence of, the student;
7)smoke or use tobacco in the presence of the student; or
8)use, or be under the influence of, alcohol or drugs in the presence of the student.

Health and safety
4. Tutors have a duty to develop and maintain a safe environment for all students they are tutoring or supervising. Tutors must take such measures as are reasonable in the circumstances to protect students and themselves from known hazards and/or harm which could arise.

5. Tutors must:
1)ensure that any equipment is safe for use;
2)not attend a session if they are unwell or have a contagious illness, advising the parent/caregiver in advance if they cannot attend a session;
3)assess the situation and contact the student’s parent/caregiver if a student becomes unwell or is injured; and
4)familiarise themselves with emergency procedures for evacuation.

Professional behaviour and interaction with students and parents/caregivers
6. Tutors have a responsibility to treat all people with whom they have contact with courtesy and sensitivity.
7. Tutors should work co-operatively with parents/caregivers, support them and accept differences in personal style.

Reporting suspected abuse
8. Tutors should seek legal advice or advice from the relevant education authority as to whether they have any obligations with regard to the reporting of suspected abuse of children under
any relevant state or territory legislation.

Conflict of interest
9. Tutors must avoid situations in which their personal or financial interests might conflict with the terms of their engagement as a PlantYourAPPLETREE.com tutor/contractor. For example, a
conflict of interest would normally exist where a tutor is a student’s family member or a tutor tutors a student who is a member of a class that the tutor normally teaches in their regular school employment. Tutors should discuss any potential conflicts of interest with the Centre Manager or the Private Tuition Manager.

Record keeping
10. Tutors must keep appropriate records of work undertaken and claims lodged to support the monitoring, assessment and reporting requirements PlantYourAPPLETREE.com. Tutors must also be aware that PlantYourAPPLETREE.com management or delegated officers can at any time request to see any documentation relevant to the contract.
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Parents/caregivers/student behaviour
11. Parents/caregivers and students have a responsibility to treat tutors with respect and courtesy. Tutors should advise parents/caregivers if their or their child’s behaviour is inappropriate or offensive. Tutors may also wish to make a record of the incident for reference. If unacceptable student behaviour continues or a parent/caregiver displays inappropriate behaviour, tutors should inform the Centre Manager or the Private Tuition Manager, where relevant.

Gifts and benefits
12. Tutors must not seek or accept additional payment, favours or gifts for services performed in connection with their engagement as a tutor with PlantYourAPPLETREE.com.

13. Tutors must respect the privacy rights of students and parents/caregivers. Tutors must not use or disclose the personal information they obtain except as expressly permitted by the student’s parent/caregiver in writing or as required or authorised by law.

Compliance with the Code of Conduct
14. This Code of Conduct is based upon the principle that the safety of students is the paramount consideration.
15. If the Centre Manager or the Private Tuition Manager has information to suggest that a tutor has breached the Code of Conduct, they may undertake an investigation into the suspected breach. If the tutor will not participate in the investigation or if the Centre Manager or the Private Tuition Manager is not satisfied with the results of the investigation, the tutor’s contract(s) may be terminated.
16. If PlantYourAPPLETREE.com has information to suggest that a tutor has breached the Code of Conduct the Company may undertake its own investigation and/or inform the Centre Manager or the Private Tuition Manager. If circumstances warrant, the Company may direct the Centre Manager or the Private Tuition Manager to suspend or terminate a tutor’s contract(s).
For more information about Tutor Roles and Responsibilities, see www.PlantYourAPPLETREE.com.

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